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For Your Real Freedom Of Speech

Anti-Sextips : We're Not Here To Judge
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I've had a few bad experiences with sextips. I eventually got banned for asking a perfectly reasonable question. Their community kind of scares me, although it's a good resource of information, aren't the hallways of your school? From the posts that look like "I hAd Ph0n3 s3x, aM i PrEgNaNt?" to the posts asking whether you can get pregnant from swallowing, I know people who have asked me these. One of my close friends, even, made the mistake of thinking this. I'm not here to judge. I don't plan on adding any more moderators because I spend a lot of time on the internet and although I'm a virgin, I do know a LOT about sex. I'm a teenager... I guess this community is more geared to the novice questions. I'll post up some tutorials soon, not to worry! You can contact me at my AIM name, g33k CaNdY, or by posting a comment in my journal and mentioning this community. Enjoy!

Note: No, you will not find out how far I've gone!