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now here's a question...

...inspired by my recent watching of Keeping of Faith.

10:29 PM 12/30/06 · So a priest and a rabbi come flitting across my television screen and I'm suddenly faced with something I've never given much thought before. I knew that priests don't have sex, misguided vow of celibacy and all, but I never gave rabbis (what's the plural of rabbi and how do you spell it?) much consideration. I suppose I had assumed that it was the same for them.

Essentially the situation in this movie is 3 kids that grew up as the best of friends but one of them, as it happens a girl, moves away while they're still very young. The two boys grow up and become very invested in each other's faith; one becomes a rabbi and the other a priest.

The priest lives a good life, as does his friend, while the rabbi lives a life filled with a number of casual encounters with the opposite sex. Then the girl that was part of their trio comes back into town and things get interesting.

Long story short, as in not at all, I have this question. Why is it that priests can't have sex and rabbis (spelling?) can? Also, I was under the impression that some priests do in fact have wives so what's up with that?

Just to be thorough...there's a small gap in my knowledge of Islam and I might as well get that cleared up along with the rest of this. What is the name of the equivilant position that a rabbi and a priest hold in that faith? And, naturally, can that person have sex?
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